About Ball Line:

If you are in a hunt of games similar to Pool then Ball Line is your right match. It’s a slightly modified version of it where your goal is “ Not to let balls reach the sink hole”. Ball Line is one of the best game in the market to earn real cash online in its own right. This game is designed so perfectly to not only give you a fun time playing it, it also tests your skills of time management at the same time. What more can it offer than a cash prize if you excel in it and not to mention the idrialine rush you get while playing it.

So you have landed in the right place if you were looking for an new game to play which gives real cash playing it. You are going to get more than what you have expected. Just download GameGully and follow what we say. Following segments will help you get started with the game play. Do not forget to reach the end of this to get a secret of scoring high.

How to Play Ball Line?

Ball Line is a simple game in which you have to aim at your target. The developers have made it a simpler task by giving you the dotted direction of the ball path. So you can decide earler on as to which way you want to hit. It is self explanatory once you reach the game, just play and have fun. But you do need to have some basic simple rules in your mind to get started.

Ball Line is an opponent oriented game, which means you get to play against an opponent online. You can choose to play it free or with some virtual coin investment for better rewards!

All you have to do to play Ball Line is to follow one strict rule of “Do not let the balls reach the Sink Hole”. If you happen to achieve it you are good to go. You have to aim the target based on the colours. Basic rule would be to target more than two of the same coloured balls, to make them burst. However more the number of balls of the same colour, better the target and in turn better the score. Since each time you hit and burst the balls, it will get you more score. It is up to ones skill how you plan your next move to achieve the best score out of the trail of sequenced balls you get.

Just making the right targets and matching the coloured balls will not make you score a high score. You have to at the same time make sure that the ball trail does not reach the sink hole. Once the ball trail hits the sink hole the game is OVER. So your each and every move has to be planned. For example, if you have only single coloured balls in the sequence of trail, then you have to cleverly hit multiple times so that you can get the right number of coloured balls to make a burst. This can then result in reduction of the ball train size and you can play on and score more.

Whatever strategy you hold on to, it has to be done within the set time. Ball line has a time bar put in it so that it is fair to everyone. So all the players playing Ball Line has a same time bar. So any moves, any strategies any number of balls hit, all has to be done within the same time frame. Thus, if one gets a high score it does not mean he has got a pass, it is just that he is better at planning and skilled enough to score high at the same amount of time given. If you are playing a challenge, then the sequence of the ball, the balls you get to hit all are duplicated. Making this game a super duper fair play. So both the opponents gets the same time, same set-up to prove who is better and take home all the money.

How to gain more points in GameGully Ball Line

If you have reached here, you are already familiar with the game play. Since you have come this far, you are now interested to know something which is beyond just matching balls and scoring minimal score, you want to be better and score higher for the same given time.

You have reached the right place, as I am about to share the most major trick that can help you your way to the top of the leader board. Only people who have played this game a millions of times will be able to catch this, but since you have managed to reach this far we will tell you as a bonus.

Without further a due, the key is to make COMBINATIONS. Observe the colour sequence of the ball train properly. You will see that there are multiple colour sequence sometimes repeated in between different colours and one of them will match your target. For example you are looking for RED ball, then the red ball might be in between
  1. 1 and 2 green balls or
  2. 3 and 2 yellow balls or
  3. 2 green balls and 1 yellow ball.

In this situation, always choose the second combination to secure more score. I will tell you why:

In the first combination you will make a combination of red balls which is you initial target. Then comes the 1 and 2 green balls which will collide and you will get a burst of bonus for 3 extra balls.

In the third combination, you will get your points for the red balls, but nothing else. But, coming to the most interesting combinations ever, the second combination. Here you make your red balls hit and get your points, then comes the collision of 3 and 2 yellow balls. Please do not think that it has to be yellow balls. It could be any colour. But now you are scoring a BONUS for five extra balls. Which is amazing.

Tips to Earn cash in Ball Line

Gamegully enlists Ball Line for an easy cash game that you can play at every game break you can venture and earn some easy cash. The easiest way to get to the earning point is to score the best, which can be done most easily by making combinations, which is explained in detail above. This lets you earn more points and eventually real cash! Make sure you utilise every second get in the game and do not let the balls reach the sink hole. And the primary thing? To not consider the simple game as simple! So keep that stress away, turn that laid back focus towards your screen and get bursting!

Where I can find Games to Play

As long as finding the names of the games isn’t a challenge for you, Ball Line is an app-download away. Amidst the many bike games and car racing games you’ll have played your fill with, games like Ball Line, Bubble Shooter or Knife Hit are a breath of fresh air you will definitely love. You can download Gamegully on your phone to find Ball Line and a number of real opponent oriented games that you can play online. Also, 99games has a long list of free games that you can play if you are in a mood for some moderately adrenaline driven challenge. The added perk is that these games found on Gamegully are real cash games! A real cash game helps you earn money as you play free online games – you can’t ask for more!