Basketball could be called as the most popular sports of all time. This has millions of fans across the world. It is one of the sport which can be played outdoors as well as indoors. At times it is not possible to make it to the basketball court. Worry not, GameGully has got you the perfect game for all you shoot-hungry out there. Download GameGully and play Basketball. You may think it won’t serve the purpose of staying fit. But guess what, it can gain you an extra earning to go to a gym. Play Basketball participates in challenges and tournaments, win in those, and earn Paytm cash.

How to Play Basketball?

If you are hoping to read through this and learn how to play basketball in the court, then you are highly mistaken. The rules in GameGully Basketball are quite different. It is not as complicated as in the real Basketball, rather it is simple to make you love this game. It is a fun and easy game with simple game mechanics. Anyone can slip into the gaming mode once you get to play this game.

Do not assume that if you can shoot the ball from across the court in real life then you can excel here as well. The angles of the basket here are placed in a way that shooting the ball could get tricky. Even though an athlete can’t, maybe a physics major can beat you in this game. This game works on very simple logic, which is to shoot the ball into the basket. Once you have learned to do it you can proceed smoothly through the levels. However, your primary objective is to score more than the opponent.

To shoot the ball you have to swipe and choose the right angle. Once you release the finger the ball will follow the path aimed by you. If it lands into the basket then it will get you points. To make this game interesting there are many stars in the game which you need to collect to get some bonus and score well in the game. To reach the high score make sure you make more baskets before the time runs out. The time is the same for all the users of this game, thus making it a fair play. So if you make a high score then the level of happiness you get is immeasurable.

How to gain brownie points in GameGully Basketball

This game has a very simple logic, similarly a simple trick as well. You have to make perfect baskets to gain bonus scores. Every time you make perfect goals, you will get stars in the upcoming baskets. On bucketing those starts you will get the bonus score. If you succeed in making perfect baskets throughout the game then you can make a high score by the time ends. You can choose from a variety of tournaments and challenges to play. This game is more fun when you challenge your friends with your score. So wait no more, download the game, install it, and start playing and earning Paytm cash.

Fair Play

Every GameGully game is evaluated using proven statistical models to ensure predominance of skills over chance. Any degree of chances is further reduced by randomness replacement techniques to ensure fair competition. Pre-generated sequences are used for any gameplay element that involve randomness and it ensures that players involved in the same competitive tournaments/challenges are presented with the same sequence to support a fair competition. Software and fraud prevention teams also monitor gameplay to prevent cheating and ensure competitions are fair.