The Basketball is one of the most fun game you can play on Game Gully and earn exciting money. The amazingness of the game is that the game starts with a ball and clear intention of getting those into the next basket. Every basket provides you points and every point gets you closer to victory. The game is simple and the scoring is even simpler with Perfect and Bounce which makes it hard to play with the opponent. Basketball is easy to go with as the game requires attention to the angles and the helping arrow can get you closer to the basket and thus points. The play time of the game is 5 minutes.


The game is of 5 minutes and starts with the basketball in the lowermost basket. Then the player has to set the angle and throw the ball in the next basket. For every basket there is a point given to the player and there are some extra points which you can get through these ways:

  1. Perfect: The basket is called a perfect when the ball did not hit any part of the ring and goes directly into the basket. The perfect basket scores 2 points and then the two continuous perfect basket calls for 4 points and every consecutive perfect point call for the number of points multiplied by the number of consecutive perfect shots.
  2. Bounce: The bounce is called when the ball gets into basket after bouncing from the wall of the game. This is a tricky shot where the ball is made to fall in middle of the basket after bouncing from the wall where the player intentionally throws the ball.

The closing of this game happens when the player calls miss for 5 times or the time ends.

The Miss is when the ball does not enter the basket and falls into the ground. When the miss happens then one miss is count and then after 5 total misses, counts a closing of the game.

Modes of Play:

The game of basketball in the Game Gully is divided into 5 parts where the beginner is having entry fees of 1 coin with a prize of 5 coins getting added into the coin wallet. The Beginner helps us to get used to of the angles and helps the player practice about the game. Other modes are where you can bet an amount of money. The challenges includes Uno, Muqabla, Hum Tum, Champion with a bet amount of 1,2,3,5 respectively and the prize money for them being 1.5,3,5,8 for Uno, Muqabla, Hum Tum, Champion respectively. To play the tournaments of the game you need to play three challenges at-least. The leagues of the tournament are not available now and will be available soon. Basketball is a sports game giving the fun of actual basketball. You can also watch gameplay of the game through the gameplay button on the top. Play this game on Game Gully and win prizes for the most fun basketball game now.