All About Brain On:

How good is your memory? Is it good enough to beat the high score of Brain On? Then you have to download GameGully and paly Brain on. Because of the high score in Brain On will not only give you the satisfaction of winning or not just proving that you are the person with the best memory in India. It will also give you loads and loads of cash, yes you can earn Paytm cash in Brain On. So hurry and download GameGully.

Out of all the memory games out there, this is one of its kind. This game is easy to play. There will be patterned boxes displayed on the screen and you have to memorize it. After the display of the patterned blocks, it will turn back to all uncolored pattern. You have to use your memory and select a colored pattern correctly to win the level. However, your primary objective is to score more than the opponent.

It is challenging since seeing so many boxes and so many patterned will overlap your memory cells. Though there are people who succeed in this and score a high score. Even if your memory is not as good as the game requires, you can play this and sharpen your skills. You never know, you may end up excelling in this and gain few Paytm cash out of this.

So don’t wait longer, go ahead and download GameGully and play this amazing memory game. You have many challenges and tournaments to choose form. If you want to show off your memory, challenge your friends and earn some money out of it. 

Fair Play

Every GameGully game is evaluated using proven statistical models to ensure predominance of skills over chance. Any degree of chances is further reduced by randomness replacement techniques to ensure fair competition. Pre-generated sequences are used for any gameplay element that involve randomness and it ensures that players involved in the same competitive tournaments/challenges are presented with the same sequence to support a fair competition. Software and fraud prevention teams also monitor gameplay to prevent cheating and ensure competitions are fair.