About Gully Cricket:

In the room full of people, you will find at least one out of two as a cricket lover. For all those cricket junkies, GameGully has got a new exciting game. Gully Cricket is one of the most exciting games that one cricket lover can play. The excitement begins with the very first frame where you have to chose your team. It takes you back when you used to play as a kid with all your neighboring kids in the street or a parking lot or just the street when the traffic is less. You get to experience the same fun as you used to with your friends. During this pandemic, you can invite your friends to join you in this amazing virtual Gully Cricket tournament and find who is best at cricket.

In this season of IPL we all have a supporting team but have you thought if you were playing in real, which team would you play for? GameGully allows you to choose your favorite team and play for it, and if you are good you can win the tournament. Everyone across India will be playing for their favorite team. You now have it in your hands to make your team win with your Cricket skills. All the policies by GameGully have made this game so fair you can choose your team and make sure to get fame to your favorite team. No matter if you are a Chennai supporter or Mumbai supporter you have a team for yourself.

How to Play Gully Cricket?

The game is easy to play. You have to get the timing right while swinging the bat. It is just like playing Cricket in real life. If you have played cricket and have the knowledge of the timing you have to swing the bat then you will be able to score well here. Your opponent will bowl and you have to make sure you get good score in the three overs. To swing the bat all you have to do is tap. It’s all about the timing of the tap that you do. Make sure you do not let the ball hit the stumps and lose a wicket .

How to gain more points in Gully Cricket

Your primary motive is to score more than the opponent. The best way to achieve that is by playing more token tournaments and getting good practice before you go ahead with cash tournaments. Once you are a pro in the practice mode you can always choose from multiple cash tournaments. You have options to choose from tournaments and challenges. If you want to play among your friends you can send friendly battles. Also using all the tips in the tutorials will help you score more bonus points.
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Fair Play

Every GameGully game is evaluated using proven statistical models to ensure predominance of skills over chance. Any degree of chances is further reduced by randomness replacement techniques to ensure fair competition. Pre-generated sequences are used for any gameplay element that involve randomness and it ensures that players involved in the same competitive tournaments/challenges are presented with the same sequence to support a fair competition. Software and fraud prevention teams also monitor gameplay to prevent cheating and ensure competitions are fair.