About Fun Link:

After a busy day at work, all one wants is an energy booster. Some go to the gym & release stress, some watch movies and relax, not to forget the hogging of food that elevates the mood. All these options have been overused and have become a daily routine. Get out of your routine schedule and try this new game called Fun Link. As the name suggests it is fun and a lot more. It has cute animations and fantastic gameplay. Playing this simple game can help you relax and release stress at the same time. Thus consider it a stress buster and socializing exercise at the same time. How socializing you ask? It’s because you can challenge your friends, chat, and play along with them. Download GameGully now and start playing this irresistible game.

How to Play Fun Link?

No game in GameGully is rocket science, yet it is difficult to excel. It takes mere practice to get a high score. Most of the times even a single point matters in securing the ranks. If your attention span is too low then games in GameGully will help you improve it. Because there is no way you can put down your phone, once you start playing games in GameGully.

After you have downloaded GameGully, you have plenty of options to choose from to start playing. Let us concentrate on Fun Link for this section here. It is one of the most played and loved games by the users. It awakens a competitor spirit in everyone who plays it. This game is made with simple logic, one has to link two matching fruits. If you match two fruits then you keep eliminating them from the grid. The ultimate goal is to clear the grid in the minimum time possible. However your primary objective is to score more than the opponent.

To make this game as fair as possible, every user is given the same time limit to clear the levels. Thus if you are faster, you can score well and top the leader-board. The most important rule, while you are matching the pairs of fruits, is that the lines connecting the two fruits should not exceed the three-lined path. Thus the path can only have a maximum of 2 diversions in its way. If you plan well then you can succeed in clearing the grid in one go.

How to gain brownie points in GameGully Fun Link

This game primarily needs to be played keeping the time in mind. The more levels you pass, the better the points you score. Like all other games, this also has a trick to scoring a bonus. You have to make the same fruit matches to score the bonus. Use this trick well and clear the grid faster than in the given time. This will help you score high and win amazing cash rewards.

Fair Play

Every GameGully game is evaluated using proven statistical models to ensure predominance of skills over chance. Any degree of chances is further reduced by randomness replacement techniques to ensure fair competition. Pre-generated sequences are used for any gameplay element that involve randomness and it ensures that players involved in the same competitive tournaments/challenges are presented with the same sequence to support a fair competition. Software and fraud prevention teams also monitor gameplay to prevent cheating and ensure competitions are fair.