Let the gaming begin!

It is no surprise that online gaming has made a special place in the heart of everyone now, irrespective of the age factor.

The chase game is now available in the most fun way possible. It is an adventurous online game where the cops are behind us for spray painting the locomotives in the yard. We now have to dodge the hurdles and get the maximum run possible with all the supercool attachments we can gather from the run along with the cash which is just spread out in the tracks. The game is opponent based where we target to get most runs with the coins counting to the points and the attachments helping us in gaining the points which will make us win the tournaments.

The attachments available during the run are:

  1. Coin Magnet: The coin magnet looks like a horseshoe magnet. After getting this magnet the coins from the adjacent tracks also gets collected and it helps us to get the maximum score as every coin counts a better score.
  2. Super Sneakers: The super sneaker looks like a really giant shoe/sneaker and it helps us to jump on the trains even if there is no way available to get to the top of the train. It helps us when we have no option to get to the top of the train and there is no other way to move. It also helps in getting coins from the trains having no entrance.
  3. Jetpack: The Jetpack looks like a bag with rockets on the back. It helps us to fly in the sky with no hurdles for a period of time and collect coins which are in the sky.
  4. Skateboard: The Skateboard looks like a skateboard and helps us get sliding on the tracks and gets our speed faster. The skateboard also has a special ability that it gets us a chance even if met with an accident during the ride.
  5. Point Multipliers: The points taken during the multiplier are instantly multiplied by the number given on the multiplier and then added to the score. It basically boosts the number of points which are earned during the period. The point multipliers look like a hexagon with the number of it will multiply the points with.

This Gully Runner has modes where you can bet an amount of money and also modes for the beginner with no bet involved. The challenges include Uno, Muqabla, Hum Tum, Champion with a bet amount of 1,2,3,5 respectively and the prize money for them being 1.5,3,5,8 for Uno, Muqabla, Hum Tum, Champion respectively. The first level is a free match with a prize of 5 coins which are credited to the coin balance. To play the tournaments of the game you need to play three challenges at-least. The leagues of the tournament are not available now and will be available soon. Gully Runner is an endless game where there is no end to the run. You can also watch the gameplay of the Gully Runner on tapping the button on the top of it. Play this game on Game Gully and win prizes for the most fun chase game available online at any time of the day! Remember your primary motive is to score more than the opponent.

Fair Play

Every GameGully game is evaluated using proven statistical models to ensure predominance of skills over chance. Any degree of chances is further reduced by randomness replacement techniques to ensure fair competition. Pre-generated sequences are used for any gameplay element that involve randomness and it ensures that players involved in the same competitive tournaments/challenges are presented with the same sequence to support a fair competition. Software and fraud prevention teams also monitor gameplay to prevent cheating and ensure competitions are fair.