About Jumpy Jumbo:

The best combination with an evening Chai is not just a biscuit, you can intensify the evening break fun with hyper-casual games. GameGully has a set of them to offer, out of which Jumpy Jumbo is ideal for those who likes to play short term interaction games. It involves a cute elephant character which is a treat to the eye and a very simple game play. What is more interesting than the combination of a simple game and a game which rewards in cash prizes. Thus just download GameGully and dive into the fun world full of games.

How to Play Jumpy Jumbo?

It is a cute yet interesting game. It tests your hand and eye coordination. It is simple to play yet easy to lose. The main element you need in this game is concentration. If you concentrate and catch the rhythm, then you can score a high score.

This game has a character named Jumbo who is trying to cross the obstacles in its way. All you have to do is help it hop onto the moving blocks. As you tap the screen, Jumbo leaps forward. So make sure you coordinate the Jumbo’s jumps and the block in front of it. If there is no block then Jumbo will fall into the universe and loose a life.

Keep jumping on the blocks as the speed of the moving blocks changes. Once you start playing this game, it will awaken your urge to win. Getting addicted could be one of the side effects along with others, such as having fun and idrialine rush.

How to gain bonus points in GameGully Jumpy Jumbo

Along with ordinating the jumps and the moving blocks, you can use some strategies as well to score high in this game. In every lane of the moving blocks you can find a small gifts on it. Those are the bonus points you have to aim for. Each gifts you jump upon gives you a bonus score. Also, if you manage to jump on the gifts continuously without losing a life in between, then each gift will get you multiples of the bonus score. So don’t just aim for the block, aim to jump on the gift to reach on the top of the leader board.