About Shape Swipe:

Who does not love a mind muddling arcade game. Though there are variety of them that GameGully offers you to choose form, Shape Swipe is one of the best out of all if you are into arcade. This game not only tests your geometrical skills, it confuses you and leaves you doubting your shape matching skills. It’s a simple game which you can enjoy in your free time, or when you have a quick time to spare and top the leader-board. Who doesn’t want to win an exciting cash rewards? This game is one of the best that the online games has to offer. Check out more about it in the following part.

How to Play Shape Swipe?

It is a very simple game, all you need to know while playing this game is 3 shapes. You need to know what sphere, cone and a rectangular cube looks like. This game is overall made out of only these three shapes.

There is a moving lane with obstacles with a particular shape carved. You have to tap on the screen to change the shape and match the openings to proceed. This is the whole philosophy of this game. As you move further the object will be moving in the faster phase. You have to be familiar with the sequence of the shapes and you can succeed in clearing all the levels.

Keep taping till you match the shape and keep moving till you run out of time. Every of the contestants of this game will be given the same amount of time to prove their skill. Making this game very fair to all the players. Thus lesser the mistakes you make better score you get. Once you lose your life then you spend more time to restart which means you fall behind compared to others.

How to gain brownie points in GameGully Shape Swipe

The only trick and strategy you can implement in this game is to not lose a life. So not mismatch any of the openings and keep progressing for more points. If you manage to pass every levels with maximum number of lives then you get more bonus for it. This is how one can easily determine who is a better player of this game. So the more you play and practice the better you get in playing this game. So do not loose your life and reach the end if you want to reach on the top of the leader-board and bag a cash reward.