About Street Warz:

Amidst of all the stress and the dead-lines the life gives, GameGully here gives you a platform to release all the built up stress. Many of us travel hours to reach our destinations, not to mention the heavy traffic which makes the journey very stressful. Ever thought how fun it would be if we could just blow up the traffic and moved on to reach the destination? Well as the saying goes, it’s not the destination which is fun but the journey. GameGully has caught that right! It has got you an action filled game which thrills your stress away. Don’t blame me if you get addicted to it, it’s all the doing of GameGully.

Let’s get started with the briefing about the game play, so that you can get started right away downloading the app GameGully. We have a bonus for you, some useful tips to score more. Because who says you don’t want to excel in a game and earn few extra money out of it?

How to Play Street Warz?

Once you have installed GameGully, tap on the game Street Wars. Well feel free to explore other games but let’s focus on Street Wars since we are at it now. You can go through the tutorial which explains the game pictorially, or if you want to see how to play it you can always tap on “WATCH GAMEPLAY” to see the tutorial.

For the ones who like to read through the manual, here is what you got to do to start playing. As you launch the game you can see your car in the middle of the three-lane. You have to tap and hold for the car to start moving. As you tap you can see your car move into the busy street filled with cars, trucks, barricades, and ambulances. As you progress you will find more interesting obstacles. Confused as to why obstacles can be interesting? Because in this game you have the superpower to blow up the obstacle. Doesn't this make you want to play more?

All you have to do is aim at the cars to burst it and keep going. So blast your way further to find more exciting trucks and bosses to defeat. You will find a stack of barricades that you have to avoid. Chose an alternate lane if you find the barricades lest you want to reduce your health. You have to carry the motto of saving your health throughout the game to survive till the end. You will face a boss fight, be sure not to get hit by the boss bullets. It will drastically reduce your health so keep moving to avoid being the target and shoot bullets to take down the boss.

Always avoid the missiles that comes in your way, the good thing is that it always comes with the warning. So always keep an eye for the warning and make way for the missile. If you hit the missile then you are sure to lose all your health and lose the game.

How to gain more points in GameGully Street Warz

As you play you will find boosters which will help you blast more cards easily in turn getting you more points. You have various boosters in this game. You get ambulance which gives you health, so look up for it to boost your energy now and then. You have a booster which gives you a superpower of shooting laser to make way. There is also a shield which will protect you form all the obstacles. You all these boosters wisely to earn extra points and get on top of the leader board. As you get high score you will be getting on top of the leader board. Thus making you earn more cash prizes.