About Zoom Racer:

People have gone bonkers over racing games for ages now and here is a new game called Zoom Racer by GameGully. This game is special because it lets you relive your past racing experiences. It lets you have a good racing experience and lets you earn money at the same time, if you are good at it. Isn’t it a win-win situation? Amongst all the fun mini games GameGully has to offer, Zoom Racer is the most loved game by the users. Since it offers action, thrill and cash at the same time. Go ahead and download GameGully and start zooming with Zoom Racer. To know more about the game read on.

How to Play Zoom Racer?

Zoom Racer is a fun self-explanatory game, just download GameGully and then tap on the Zoom Racer icon. Get ready to experience a super bike race with excellent controls. This game has used responsive accelerometer for its controls, thus giving one a real time bike ride experience.

Due to the advanced tech in the game all you have to do is:

Tilt the phone to steer: This game has some super cool graphics and gives you a feel of riding on a never-ending high way. This high way though has twists and turns, fear not just tilt the phone to the direction you want to turn. No buttons no pressing, all you have to do to take a right turn is to tilt you phone in the right direction. Exactly how you do when you ride bikes.

Collect coins: As in most of the games, even Zoom Racer has coin collection in their race. Well this helps in determining the winner in some cases. Thus even if you have reached the same point in the same time duration as your opponent, the coin collected by you can save your day! Thus never forget to collect those precious coins in your way while racing.

Collect and use Power-ups: There are amazing power-ups to fire up this game. These can help you score more, given that you use them wisely. There is Coin Magnet; which can be used to attract all the coin in your way. There is Mega Coin; this gives you a bonus score each time you collect it. Who doesn’t like extra? There is Nitro Speed Booster; this helps you speed up in the lane. So covering a larger distance in the same set of time is a bonus.

This high way is also filled with many obstacles, it has cars, police vans, barricades, trucks etc. Be sure to avoid them all if you want to proceed alive. You get a warning for hitting the barricades, but not the cars. So be careful while riding.

In this game every player will be given with a same set of time, thus it is upon an individual as to how he or she will be able to use the power ups and how many coins they can collect in the race course. Thus making it completely skill based and a fair play.

Now you know all about the game, why wait? Go and start playing now!

How to gain brownie points in GameGully Zoom Racer

The more you play and practice the better you get in playing this game. But there is always a strategy one can use to gain more bonus points in any game existing. This game has a feature which gives you bonus each time you manage to act it out. It is nothing but Near Miss, so every time you manage to save yourself from hitting any obstacle you make a near miss. These near misses gives you a bonus score. So always wondering how people gain so much points in this game, it’s because this feature is well utilised by the high scorers. So practice this move and climb up the leader-board and earn more cash rewards. Always good if you can get money out of something right?